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Lineage: Permanent Marker x Zkittlez Bx2


Step into the contemporary cannabis landscape. This strain surpasses Runtz and Gelato with exceptional flair, earning the coveted title of Leafly Strain of the Year 2023: Permanent Marker x Zkittlez Bx2. By infusing the refined essence of Gelato with the optimized Zkittlez touch, it presents a groundbreaking concept. Prepare for an upgrade, aficionados of Runtz, Gelato, and LCG, as this stash won't linger in your collection for long.

The initial impression hits with a bold spike of the distinct Permanent Marker scent, reminiscent of sweet acetone. Its dense structure and powdered sugar resin enhance its appeal, elevating it beyond the traditional Z strain. Upon grinding, creamy berry undertones reminiscent of Gelato emerge, while smoking reveals a symphony of cherry, berry, and citrus syrup notes akin to the Tropical Burst strain. This is the epitome of cutting-edge quality at an accessible price point.

In terms of effects, it delivers a potent hybrid experience, perfect for a wake and bake session on a leisurely day off. Enjoy a smooth, long-lasting journey to euphoria without any unwelcome interruptions.

Permanent Paradize

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