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Pinata Candy stands out as a rare, slightly indica-dominant hybrid strain, with a genetic makeup comprising 60% indica and 40% sativa. This exceptional cultivar is the result of crossing the delectable Birthday Cake with Jet Fuel Gelato strains. Renowned for its superb flavor profile and uplifting effects, this celebrity offspring simultaneously elevates the spirits and induces a sense of bodily relaxation. True to its name, Pinata Candy delights the palate with a distinctly sweet and slightly tangy fruity berry candy taste, complemented by subtle notes of fresh vanilla cake and earthiness. Its aroma mirrors the flavor profile, offering a delightful blend of sweet vanilla cake with undertones of sour citrus candy and herbal earthiness. The high induced by Pinata Candy is equally delightful, with soothing and calming effects that swiftly induce a relaxed state. Shortly after consumption, users can anticipate a significant uplift in mood, accompanied by a sense of euphoria and lightheartedness. As the experience progresses, a tranquilizing body high gradually envelops the user, leading to deep relaxation and a noticeable increase in appetite.


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