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"California grown, enjoy the difference..."


Cannabis designed for you.


Our vision is to provide the best quality products to our consumers.

We are dedicated to elevating the entire cannabis industry, from innovating new products and processes to executing effective marketing strategies and everything in between. Our unwavering passion for leadership fuels our commitment to drive the industry forward, all with the goal of providing the best possible experience for both medical and recreational cannabis consumers alike.

We’re on a mission to revolutionize cannabis Testing!

We take product quality and safety seriously, and every item in our inventory undergoes rigorous testing for mold, pests, and harmful chemicals before it is made available to the public. Our top priority is to provide our customers with the cleanest, purest flowers possible. In addition, all of our products are cured for a month to maximize their medicinal value before being packaged. We believe that careful handling is key to ensuring product excellence, which is why we never use machines to trim our buds; each one is meticulously handled by our dedicated associates.

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